Liquorsmiths Ice Tea - World Cocktail Day 2022

We never intended to create a liquor range which makes up 3/4 of the liquor in a long island ice tea, but we did - so, introducing our take on the classic:

The Liquorsmiths Iced Tea

Read on to make your own!

-  25ml Old Tom 6
- 12.5ml Spiced Rum 3
- 12.5ml Vodka 1698
- 12.5ml triple sec (Cointreau works well too )
- dash of bitters
- 15 ml fresh lime juice
- ice
- 500ml cola
- lime wedges
- lemon wheel

1. Pour the vodka, gin, rum and triple sec into a tall glass and add lime juice to taste.
2. Fill the glass with ice and then top up with your favourite brand of cola.
3.Pop in a couple of lime wedges and garnish with a lemon wheel - enjoy!