The Liquorsmiths Rum Roselle



This month we have taken a recipe straight from our best-selling Liquorsmiths Cookbook as it's a customer favourite! Ruby red hibiscus (sorrel, roselle) is made into hot and cold drinks all over the world but in this case we are aiming for something close to Guyana’s version as we are spiking this one with Spiced Rum 3 which is made from Guyanese molasses. The sweet toffee-caramel of our rum is a delicious contrast with the tart hibiscus.

For the Demerara simple syrup:
- 180g demerara sugar
- 200ml water

For the Cocktail
- 350ml water
- 20g dried hibiscus flowers
- 50 ml Spiced Rum 3
- Demerara Simple syrup, to taste
- Limes, to serve.

To make the demerara syrup:
- Pour the water into a small saucepan and add the demerara sugar. Heat gently and stir to dissolve the sugar, then simmer for 5-10 minutes to form a syrup. Allow to cool.

To make the Rum Roselle:
- Boil the water and steep the hibiscus flowers for 20
minutes, the strain and cool.

- Add some ice cubes into a tumbler, and pour over the rum
and hibiscus tea, stir, and sweeten to taste with the demerara syrup.
- Serve with a bright wedge of lime.