Meet the Maker: Deborah Efemini

In April 2021, in the midst of lockdown, Liquorsmiths was launched.
The London-based craft liquor brand which specialises in unique small batch spirits including Old Tom style gin, vodka and spiced rum takes inspiration from global travels whilst paying homage to it's south east London roots.

Although Liquorsmiths is just approaching its first birthday, for the CEO and founder, Deborah Efemini - it has been years in the making! 

Deborah has led an extensive career working in regeneration, marketing and place-making, and although she had organised numerous gin festivals, she hadn't tried her hand at making it - until relatively recently!

As a newcomer to the alcohol world, she offers a fresh perspective and a straightforward approach to making spirits that sets her apart in an industry often referred to as a "boys club" because of it's exclusive culture and conservative approach.

Historically, the alcohol industry has certainly been male-dominated but, in recent years there has been a marked shift with woman-helmed brands emerging to close the field's gender gap. Although there are still inequalities to address, positive change is happening and Liquorsmiths is proud to be part of that movement, powered by an all female team. 

For Deborah, it was important to create unique contemporary spirits, but she also wanted to retain the tradition of the distillation process. This led to a fantastic working relationship with distillers Fox Dentons, who have hundreds of years of experience.

The success of Liquorsmiths has come from Deborah using her experience of bringing the best people in different industries and from different backgrounds together to make successful products - and there is definitely more to come!