Liquorsmiths is the very first cookbook of its kind!

Did you know that the Liquorsmiths cookbook is the very first cookbook to have been designed entirely around a range of award-winning premium liquor?

The Liquorsmiths cookbook features our core spirit range in 100 delicious recipes, taking you on a culinary journey with inspiring and distinct recipes, as well as eclectic twists on some of your favourite classics.

With vegan and veggies options alongside meat, fish, desserts and preserves, there is certainly something for everyone. And, because inclusion is important to us, all of the recipes are tried and tested to be as delicious without alcohol as they are with. The unique selling point of the Liquorsmiths cookbook is that nothing is lost when alcohol is removed, the recipes are simply enhanced and elevated when alcohol is added!

The Liquorsmiths cookbook is the perfect addition to any food lover's kitchen, making a beautiful gift or even just a special treat for yourself!