Liquor Takes Pride of Place in the Liquorsmiths Cookbook

We've launched a cookbook! Thought to be the first of its kind, the Liquormiths Cookbook features spirits - whether gin, vodka, rum, whisky or beer - as the main ingredient in a selection of savoury and sweet recipes. 

100 delicious recipes spanning meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan, desserts, preserves, sit alongside over 40 mouth-watering full-colour photographs. It also includes helpful tips on cooking with alcohol, serving suggestions and dispenses interesting facts about the origins of each recipe.

Recipes include Whisky and Ginger Braised Pork Belly, Penne Al Vodka, Rum-Spiked Jerk Chicken, Negroni Brownies, Plantain & Rum Ice-Cream and Peach, Pistachio and Rose Pavlova with Raspberry Gin Coulis.

There is also a selection of classic and modern cocktails including Dill Pickle Martini, Smoky Old Fashioned and the House of Orange. 

The local liquor lovers draw on their years of industry experience, love of food and the local tipples they’ve sampled on their international travels.

Whether you’re a one-pot connoisseur, a gin purist, or a budding mixologist, the Liquorsmiths Cookbook will make you raise your plate and say cheers to spirits taking pride of place.

Spirits featured in the book are:

Old Tom 6 - 40% ABV
This award-winning Old Tom gin contains six carefully chosen botanicals - juniper, coriander seed, lemon peel, angelica root, orris root and a subtle sting of Scotch bonnet in its tail to give it a unique character.  

Old Tom 12 - 40% ABV
This is a stunning twist on an Old Tom, infused with thyme, cardamom and rosemary for an aromatic flavour and oily texture. Inspired by the glacial landscape of northern Europe, it’s bracing, smooth and full of flavour.

Old Tom 55 - 40% ABV
Inspired by the Scandinavian spirit akvavit, this Old Tom is infused with its key ingredients - caraway, fennel and dill. It also has citrus and herbaceous notes and is as good in cocktails as it is neat.

Vodka 1698 - 40% ABV
Made from 100% grain, this vodka is impeccably smooth, with a deep creamy texture and gentle sweetness. It has subtle notes of green apple, lemon with a hot peppery finish.

Spiced Rum 3 - 40% ABV
Made using Guyanese molasses, this spiced rum has notes of caramel and cinnamon, with subtle hints of liquorice and banana.  It has a smooth texture and can be drunk neat or in a cocktail.

Whisky 44 – 40% ABV 
This is a delicious dry and medium bodied single malt whisky. It has pleasantly sweet aromas with a smoky Sherry note. Perfect for sipping.

Liquorsmiths IPA – 4.3% ABV
This IPA is a shameless beer. It’s refreshing, tangy and pungent with a tumultuous blend of bold daring hops, delivering big fruity flavours, leading to an intense finish against a delicate malt backdrop.