Vodka 1698


Made from 100% grain, this vodka is impeccably smooth, with a deep creamy texture and gentle sweetness.  It has subtle notes of green apple, lemon and a hot peppery finish.

Why is it called Vodka 1689?
The 1698 is due to the fact Peter the Great, then Tsar of Russia came to Deptford in 1698 on his tour of Western Europe while studying shipbuilding at the royal dockyard.

The diarist John Evelyn was kind enough to open up one of his houses - Sayes Court, to Peter but Peter was a bit of a wrong'un and trashed it. The estate steward reported that Peter's party, which was full of 'right nasty' people, had wrecked the house and garden. Carpets were left filthy with grease and ink, and many paintings looked as if they had been used for shooting targets and every one of the fifty chairs in the house had vanished, probably burned on fires...

- ABV 40%

- 50cl

- Vegan 


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