Spiced Rum 3


Made using Guyanese molasses, our multi-award winning spiced rum is celebrated for its vibrant notes of tropical fruits. Coconut, ripe mango, and papaya stand out against the delicate aroma of marzipan. On the palate, dark burnt sugar transforms into creamy caramel with hints of cinnamon, liquorice and banana.

Guyanese rums are among the fullest in body of all Caribbean rums, known for their complex depth, rich fruity flavour and smooth finish. Guyana is perhaps best known for the famed Demerara River, on the banks of which grow the finest sugarcanes, essential for the production of high quality dark and spiced rums. 

Imbued with the bountiful history of the Caribbean, Spiced Rum 3 is reminiscent of the English style rums that were imported from the tropical regions, before being blended and stored in British dockyards along the Thames dating as far back as the 18th Century.

Recognising the ethos of our brand and the excellence of our spiced rum, has been awarded the top accolades:

- Gold Medal  - Rum & Cachaça Masters 2022
- Silver Medal - London Spirits Competition 2022

Why is it called Spiced Rum 3? 
The 3 is due to the fact that the sugar cane is harvested from the banks of the Demerara River in Guyana and the borough of Lewisham, where we live, has three amazing rivers - the Ravensbourne, the Quaggy and the Pool. 

Tasting Notes: 
Fresh tropical fruit notes of coconut with hints of mango, ripe papaya, and marzipan. Rich dark burnt sugar aroma with notes of caramel and cinnamon, with subtle hints of liquorice and banana on the palate.

Perfect Serve: Spiced Rum Roselle
- ABV 40%
- 50cl
- Made in the UK

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