Winter Spiced Negroni

Add some winter spice to your favourite classic cocktails this Christmas! If you're a Negroni fan you need to try our Winter Spiced Negroni!

Spiced Campari -
500ml Campari
1 Star Anise
2 Cloves nutmeg
2 cinnamon sticks
15 cloves

Winter Spiced Negroni
30 ml Old Tom 6
60 ml Sweet Vermouth
60 ml Spiced Campari
2 chunky segments of orange


Make the Spiced Campari
1.Roughly smash up the spices using either a pestle & mortar or the end of a rolling pin.
2.Put the spices into a dry frying pan and heat gently for 1-2 minutes to release their aromas.
3.Tip the spices into a large screwcap jar, pour over the campari and seal. Store for 5 days giving the jar a gentle shake every day.
4. After 5 days strain the Campari through a muslin cloth to remove the spices.

Make the Winter Negroni
1. Put a few ice cubes into your glass, add one the orange wedges and top with a little more ice
Pour the gin, red vermouth and Campari over the ice. Stir briefly. Add the remaining orange segment & serve immediately.